Origins of the Mac network infection

If you were under the impression that Apple products are the way to go because they aren’t capable of getting viruses, that is a myth.  Being predominantly a Windows and Android user myself, I’ve had to live with and learn about computer viruses to maintain my own personal security.  Yes it’s true that your risks of getting a virus on a Mac is far less than a typical Windows user’s experience, but if you’ve never encountered a virus on your computer and believe you’re invincible, then you’re far worse off.

Basically Apple users have been infected with a very clever Botnet virus that causes it’s users to do the Botnet source’s bidding (See article about the infection here).  What is a Botnet?

A botnet, short for “robot network,” and also known as a zombie army, is a group of computers infected with malicious pieces of software that put the computers under the command of remote operators without the legitimate users’ knowledge.

Security News Daily

Instead of laughing at how weak Apple looks to the public from this virus attack with snide remarks, I want you to take a step back from this piece of the puzzle to envision a larger picture.  Because if you think Apple is the underdog to Windows or some small grassroots industry, then your soul has already been signed to them under the terms of usage contracts they continuously update.

The power of Apple is globally united.  Isn’t it a little strange that as this virus started to emerge and peak in it’s power while Mexico City had a terrorizing attack from a rather dormant volcano?

Overnight on Friday, the volcano emitted a deep roar that could be heard for miles and spooked residents. Experts say the volcano’s emissions have been particularly frightening to nearby residents at night because they give the false impression of being lava.

 – Wall Street Journal

Yes this volcano was dormant for decades and emerged as an active volcano in 1994, but consider the fact that “Apple sharply tops analyst projections” in 1994.  Yeah.  Powerful enough to awaken a volcano.

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the connection with the Cosmic Ray Origin.  Good evening.

1 thought on “Origins of the Mac network infection

  1. I should have commented on this earlier. Love it. What you're saying in effect is that Apple actually controls the earthquake machine, a.k.a., HAARP, not to mention the weather, all the world's botnets, and, and…cosmic rays! 😉

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