Colorado Drive Part I: Pre Nebraska

Last week I moved my wife out to Colorado since she had accepted a new job out there. I’m following her once we sell the house – but unfortunately we need to get our things out there. This entails 13 hours or so of driving.

Waking up at 4am, we get on the road. The drive is actually kind of nice through southern Minnesota – everything is green from the recent rain we’ve had, and there’s actually a little bit of topography. I feel like I’ve driven this so many times before, but it’s still worth it.

Then you hit Iowa. I always hated Iowa. Farms and cows, followed by more cows, a farm or two, a city, then more cow farms. At least this time, there are quite a few more wind generators dotting the landscape. More of those, says this observer.

Ugh. Then comes Nebraska.

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