Colorado Drive Part II: Ugh.

Coming into Omaha, and then Lincoln, there’s actually some life to this state… or so it seems… Get out of Lincoln, and you finally find yourself in a proverbial Hell. If you’ve never driven through Nebraska, just don’t. Do what you can to avoid it. Please. There’s all kinds of flat and road and nothing and more nothing. For a full five hours. Hopefully you can find a gas station to fill up – just don’t get the regular unleaded, because it might just mess up your engine due to the lower-than-normal octane rating.

Then comes a bridge… and a sign… Colorado! Seriously, when you cross the state line, the road seems to brighten, the landscape becomes a little less flat, and the native plants turn from complete randomness to a beautiful bouquet of sage and wildflowers. The skies open up, and before long, the mountains start to appear.

It’s worth the drive, methinks. Just bring someone else with you to drive through Nebraska so you can sleep through it.

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