Twitter for Travelers (Blogging as connected writing)

I am a Twitter fanatic (as some of you already know). Lately I have become obsessed with a handful of travel bloggers who also tweet.  Some people may think twitter is only good for news and celebrities. But I see Twitter as a way to get information on basically any topic you can think of. Here are a few tips I have received for traveling:

1) Names of places that are off the beaten path as well as places the locals enjoy (if you want to get away from the tourists. Haha).
2) Ways to save money on flights, hotels, transportation and places of interest.
3) Best times of year to visit different countries
4) Neutral insights for destinations that you cannot get from a book

Here are a few of my favorites twitter travel accounts…

The Frugal Traveler
Gary Ardnt
The Twitchiker

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