Gardening and Life

With obesity becoming a worldwide epidemic, nutrition matters more than ever. What we feed and teach our children will affect them for the rest of their lives. It is important to teach our children how to lead a healthy life from a young age. Having a well balance lifestyle is the key to a happy life. 
One way to teach our children the value of their health and having a well balance life could be through gardening. I grew up going to “the garden” with my mother. My mother was a big gardener; she had acres of land and would wake me up way too early to help her out at the garden in the summer. Eating the food I help grew and harvest was always satisfying. I was kept active by gardening/farming and since you can only grow healthy foods, what I put in my body is always good. 
You don’t need acres of land to start a garden. You can start a garden in your very own backyard or you can start a community garden. If you grow too much food you can always donate the extra to your local food shelter and help out other families. 
A good resource for people who want to start a garden is This website is “the source for information on growing your favorite vegetables, fruits, and herbs”. This is my go-to website for anything gardening. This website has taught me how to grow vegetables that I have never grown before, such as asparagus. I highly recommend this website for anyone who wants to start their own garden.

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