MnSCU Tuiton Freeze

If you haven’t heard by now, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnNSCU) have frozen tuition for two years. This is good news for most, if not all students and future students. At the same time, MnSCU is working to increase its grants and the number of students who receive them. And an increase in state funding in the future will help offset the costs. A focus appears to be growing of making education affordable.

Having attended many MnSCU institutions including; Century, Inver Hills, Hennepin Tech (Brooklyn Park), and now Metrostate, I welcome this freeze and hope to graduate before the unfreezing begins. There appears to be a good plan in place within MnSCU, what will happen next when budgets are cut, enrollment declines, or costs increase to make up for these next two years; even though the state is offsetting costs?

A recent article published on the Kare 11 news website highlights a huge reserve within MnSCU that has grown tremendously over the years. Some may say the reserve funds are too large, while others praise the rainy day fund. Having a background in facilities maintenance, I know first hand the cost of maintaining multiple buildings of varying ages. At the same time of the freeze, MnSCU is also investing in many buildings within the system to demolish. And, many new technologies can help to create more efficient buildings while lower energy use. The newer facilities can also offer better spaces for all the technology required in the classroom today. Look at our class now and how blogging is such a critical tool in the community and the world.

All MnSCU students should welcome many of these changes because our education is still affordable. By clicking the links below, you will see a cost comparison chart of MnSCU schools and private schools. There is simply no comparison, private schools cost more. I also feel that I am receiving just as good of an education, if not better than a private university. And, while affordable, I feel that Metrostate also caters to a working adult population, provides quality education and a fraction of the price.

How do you as the reader feel about the freeze? What have been your experiences at other institutions; public or private?


3 thoughts on “MnSCU Tuiton Freeze

  1. I personally like the idea, currently Metrostate’s cost per credit is within reach of most who didn’t go into school being backed by a huge college fund or alum parents. Something which has become more and more apparent among other state schools.

  2. I agree that I am very thankful for the tuition freeze. It’s challenging to be able to afford the costs of college now that I am a married mom or four and I’m afraid to share that it’s mainly being financed through federal student loans. However, I also strongly believe a liberal arts college education is a sound investment. It’s proven that graduates with bachelor’s degrees not only have higher lifetime earning capacity, but they also tend to have higher self-esteem; make healthier lifestyle choices (less likely to smoke, make better nutrition decisions); volunteer at higher percentages than their non-college educated counterparts; and more likely to vote. With benefits like that, I encourage folks to make whatever sacrifices they need to in order to pursue their education dreams.–tms–brazenctnbc-a20130404-20130404,0,2209098.story

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