Motorola announces a partnership with Phonebloks

Motorola announces a partnership with Phonebloks

Concerning my previous post, which can be found by clicking the following link.

Motorola (part of the Google syndicate) has decided to take on this innovative new idea of a phone that is truly built to last. Due to the constant electronic waste we as people shelling out on phones alone, phones that a supposed to last us a couple years on contract but usually have a life time of half that. 

Though this project is still in its early stages and Motorola has yet to disclose the amount of money they’re going to put into this project it still seems to be quite promising. In that Hakken (the innovator behind Phonebloks) has hyped up the mobile manufacturing crowd by stating publicly that his partnership with Motorola is not exclusive, and that he is willing to work with anyone who work on the concept.

With our help, and continued interest as citizens of the world we pollute we could truly get this project off the ground, minimize global electronic waste, and have a phone that could be anything from a basic radio to a mini supercomputer in the palms of our hands.

Support this cause today by checking out Phonebloks – A phone worth keeping.


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