Cell phones in air.


Cell phones on airplanes, No way! This may sound strange but one thing I enjoy about traveling is the experience, and your music, or puzzle book, or new book you decided to read for your flight. I enjoy the fact that no one can reach me up in the air. The idea of having a little free time from my cell phone is something I enjoy. But all of that may change, the FCC wants to lift the ban on cell phone usage in the air. Once the airplane reaches 10,000 ft cell phones will be allowed. 

I first saw this story on my CNN news feed and thought that it was absolutely outrageous. The FCC had the idea to allow cell phone calls and service on planes in 2004 because of the popularity of smartphones. What I can’t seem to get around is that planes are not very big. Especially when you don’t sit in first class. I can’t imagine someone next to me blabbing away for an hour, at least when Im in public I usually have the option to excuse myself from the area. According to the CNN report a survey in which, “1,600 adults by an advisory group, the FAA found that 61% of people supported a ban on making calls while in the air.”

“I’m definitely against it,” said Spud Hilton, travel editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. “People would be carrying on loud, full-voiced conversations right next to someone who doesn’t want to hear it.”

Apparently, Im not the only one who thinks that its not okay to allow cell phone usage on an airplane. I could just be a little sensitive to the idea. But the concept of allowing cell phones on planes just sounds like friction between passengers. Between the hustle and bustle of people trying to get their luggage on board, the crying baby to the right and the man snoring to your left the last thing an individual needs is a chatty patty siting in front of them. 

The Idea has not been passed but is definitely being thought about. According to CNN, “After reviewing safety issues, the FAA and airlines finally gave in this month and relaxed restrictions.” 

How would you feel about cell phones being allowed while traveling? 

To read more check out this link—>  Speaking out against cell service on planes 

3 thoughts on “Cell phones in air.

  1. Ugh! I think this idea is awful!!

    When will the addiction to cellphones stop? People are already glued to their phones wayyyyyy more than they should be. I definitely don’t want to be stuck on a plane with a bunch of people chatting on their cellphones. Usually, I try to sleep when I’m on a plane, but that probably won’t happen now. I hope enough people complain about this and it gets stopped!!


  2. I heard about this a while ago, and feel rather odd about the whole idea of it. I’d expect due to the speed at which you’re traveling it would be hard to actually get a consistent signal from towers.

    At the same time many airlines are offering free in-flight wifi now. So if you’re just using that, there wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. That’s actually true – the hand offs from tower to tower are problematic n(because there are so many). I have heard that planes themselves will have to have some kind of equipment on them to deal with this issue.

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