Blogging and Education

Yes, I am writing about blogging for my final post. Ironic, isn’t it? I stumbled upon this article on student blogging and how it has increased scores in this study. The article highlights a study conducted in the UAE. It states how students were encouraged to blog about what they were learning. The research team had not anticipated these results. I think this is another good example of how technology can be integrated into the classroom.

In another one of my classes, my instructor has the class utilizing the discussion boards for a predetermined topic(s).  Since this class is fully online, the discussion board was a surprisingly useful tool in conversing with other students. Although, I do not prefer the fully online class format, I was able to see the benefits of the discussion board. When each discussion was done, the discussions essentially resembled short papers on our experiences in our careers in relation to the class. The difference was the feedback we provided to each other and in-depth each student was. I can see the similarities between blogging, using a discussion board, or both together. I am still creating content or writing about a subject matter that is appealing to my audience.

A second article I read, discusses how digital games are used in learning and 97% of kids play them. The study found that kids without the games could have increased cognitive learning 12%. The study then transitions into how learning outcomes could continue to increase along with test scores. We will save that topic for another day.

Being a Generation Y Millennial, I have always had some type of technology in a classroom setting. Although, today it is definitely more prevalent than even a few years ago. By utilizing discussion boards, blogs, and other social media platforms learned in this class, our experiences, learning potential, and communications strategies will continue to expand.


One thought on “Blogging and Education

  1. I agree. I am so happy that we have explored so many types of social media. I have to admit, I grew up in a classroom whre there were no computers and in high school there were only a few classrooms (in the inner city) that had computers. My earliest memory of a computer was playing Oregon Trail (the original) from a floppy disk, and YES, we had to go to the library at school to play! It is so facinating to see how we have advanced over the years and to stay in touch with it is crutial!

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