Random topic…Domestic Violence-Who love it?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, not just women. However, most time the situation is often overlooked, excused, or being denied. The first step to a domestic violence relationship is by noticing and acknowledging the signs that are happening around you and by how to end it before it could even start. Fear shouldn’t be something a person has to live with by the person they love. The best thing to do is to reach out to the love ones that would and could help you through the issues, before letting the relationship destroy yourself worthiness and making you feel lonely.

                The only purpose that domestic violence is occurring is because one person tries to dictate and control the other person and, gain and maintain total control over that person. The person would use and do anything to keep you under his or her thumb such as using guilt, shame, intimidation, threat you and even the people around you. Women are more commonly victimized than men. This issue occurs within all ages’ ranges and ethnic backgrounds. Once you start seeing sign of any kinds of abuse, mentally, emotionally or physical the best thing to do it figures a way out and leave the relationship before the abuser wrap you closer and tighter. No one deserves to feel scared, disrespectful and unwanted. 

1 thought on “Random topic…Domestic Violence-Who love it?

  1. This is so true and happening more than we are aware. I think you gave some great points and that if your experiencing some of these signs its time to get out.

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