Homemade Chicken Marsala


For my last blog I would like to share my Chicken Marsala recipe, since every great endeavour ends with a good meal.  This class is ending, and we all deserve a nice treat.

With a little prep work this is really easy dish that even beginners can master, although your dinner guests will fancy you to be something of a chef. There’s no reason to disabuse them of this notion.

Generally, I cook for four so that will be the recipe I will share with you.

In shopping for this dish, I recommend going with organic vegetables and free range chicken. Here’s the shopping list; you may have some of these ingredients in your pantry.

Ingredients and tools

Four boned and skinned chicken breast halves

8 ounces baby portabella mushrooms

2 eggs

2 tablespoons milk

4 shallots

1 clove of garlic

2 cups  DRY Marsala wine

1 cup beef stock

1/2 cup flour

6 tablespoons of extra virgin oil

½ teaspoon salt

Pepper to taste

6 oz of shredded parmesan

1 cup fresh basil, chopped

Kitchen tools and utensils:  meat hammer/pounder, sharp prep knives, Ziplock bags, 2 shallow bowls, deep saute pan or cast iron skillet, a plate, small sauce pan, large sauce pan, baking pan, spatula, wooden spoon, whisk, fork, oven mitts or potholders, aluminum foil.


Slice the fresh baby bella mushrooms, dice three shallots, ring chop the fourth, mince the garlic, and set aside in separate dishes.

Wash the boneless chicken breast halves.  Taking one half breast a time, place it in a quart Ziplock bag, closing the bag with an inch unzipped.  Pound each breast with the meat hammer until it’s a half inch thick.

After flattening all of the chicken, break the eggs into one of the shallow bowls, add the milk, and scramble with the fork to make your  egg bath. Mix  1/4 cup of the flour  with 1/2 tsp salt and pepper in the other shallow dish.

Preheat your oven to 325.

Heat three tablespoons of olive oil to medium high.

One at a time, coat each chicken breast with the egg, then coat each egg-covered breast in flour

Place two chicken breasts in the heated oil.  Saute the chicken until golden brown on each side. Remove the breasts and place them on a warmed plate.

Deglaze the pan with half of the dry marsala wine, mushrooms and beef stock.  Take the deglaze and pour it into the large sauce pan to hold before baking.

Repeat the sauting and deglazing steps for the second pair of breasts.

During the sautéing or the deglaze, prepare a roux. To make a roux, whisk together 3 tablespoons of oil with a fourth of a cup of flour in the small sauce pan. Gently heat the roux  in the small pan at low to medium low until you get a slight nutty smell.

When you are finished with the second deglaze, heat the deglaze sauce pan at medium, then stir the roux.

Take the  chicken breasts and place into a baking pan then pour the sauce over the chicken. Add fresh basil and parmesan cheese then bake for 12- 15 min, remove from oven, let rest and serve. Best served with pasta or risotto.

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