Snapchat – The next “core” App?

The six reasons why Snap chat has been so successful:

1. Snapchat is exclusively on mobile devices. The trend of late is to move towards mobile and tablet use as people constantly have them on their person. Where as computers are only used for being productive. Thus apps that are exclusive to mobile users are attractive to both to users as well as investors. The goal behind Snapchat is to make it a “core utility” that sits front and center on the main screen of mobile devices similar to a Phones texting feature.
2. User engagement, traction, growth curve, momentum. Snapchat users were sharing 20 million photos per day October 2012, 150 million photos per day April 2013, 200 million photos per day June 2013, 350 million per day September 2013. Snapchat won’t discuss the user counts but that number is clearly growing along with the photos shared.
3.Age of the audience and size of market. Snapchat users are a prime demographic for using the technology and attracting advertising dollars.
4. User Generated Network Effect. When a Snapchat user sends a photo to another user they have likely acquired another Snapchat user without the company having to spend to acquire the user.
5. Snapchat’s technology clearly adds value to what currently existed and does not require an intricate sell. Users can see the value of the technology without much of an explanation.
6. Regular user engagement. Snapchat’s technology is not a one-off fascination.


Think of the idea of Snapchat replacing texting as a whole, is it even possible? When it comes to the younger demographic the trend is very real, with Snapchat a person doesn’t have to worry about an image of them “getting out” or being leaked to the public. This is due to the core features of the app, which allows users to share a picture containing a short caption for a maximum of thirty seconds, then it’s gone. Furthermore the app actually notifies the sender of an image if a user screenshots it. Allowing them or their parents to know exactly who is keep a collection of their pictures. This idea of time sensitive pictures has made the platform much more casual and fun people of all ages. The “Dads” are even getting into it even if it’s only for a quick laugh.

Thus my question to you is two fold. First – Do you use Snapchat, and secondly if you do how many “snaps” do you send a day? Post your answers in the comment section below!

1 thought on “Snapchat – The next “core” App?

  1. I have snap chat which I like it but I don’t use it as often as others do. I send a snap probably 3 or 4 times a week unless I’m at an event or something worth “snapping” in my eyes. I am not totally into the snap app but I can definitely see how it is a hit. I see it as a trouble starter as well… I think it is an opening for people to send “nude” or inappropriate pictures and think they are safe from them being leaked. You did mention you are notified when someone screenshots them but still what then, you can’t really do anything about it…

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