Liberian Embassy on the spotlight

English: Coat of arms of Liberia
English: Coat of arms of Liberia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foreign Service workers as you all know represent the interest of their country and its citizens in the country in which they are assigned, in the case of Liberia that seems not to be the reality.

One case in point is the Liberian Embassy near Washington DC; there has been mounting allegations that Liberians in the diaspora who want to renew their passports are treated with disrespect by Embassy staffs.

The situation according to report has gotten serious to a point that one man in Minnesota had to confront Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan during a town hall meeting at the headquarters of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, OLM.

Disrespectfully hanging up the phone on callers, who want to transact business with the embassy according to the accusation, has become the constant habit of the receptionist on duty.

Based on this allegation, what do you think is the way forward? Have you been disrespected by the receptionist at the Liberian embassy in DC? What did you do to avoid disrespect from Embassy staffs? Have you complained to Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh? Did the Ambassador address your concern? How does one person’s behavior reflect on an entire nation?


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