GMO or Non-GMO

If you Google the term GMO nearly every search result you receive is negative.

I have always been against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and I have always felt confident in my belief. Everything I read about GMOs indicated that they were anti-environment, increasing the need for stronger pesticides and exacerbating the strained agricultural system.

GMO? Genetically Modified Organism

Recently, however, I have started to think quite a lot differently about this issue.


Can GMOs be lifesaving technology?

Bill Gates thinks so. For the past several years, he has supported GMOs as a means for sustainable crops in starving nations. Listen to his points about the benefits of GMO crops in the following video.

Some of the other pro-GMO arguments include:

  • Keeping global food prices lower
  • Farming with less chemicals, using fewer natural resources
  • Creating drought or flood resistant crops

Are GMOs safe?

There are many conflicting arguments about the safety of GMOs. Recently, several scientific organizations have stated plainly that GMOs are safe for consumption. A 2013 essay in Scientific American makes a convincing argument that the GMO practices of an agricultural giant like Monsanto are not only safe but also environmentally beneficial.

I still struggle with where to stand on this issue.  IF GMOs are safe, why is there such resistance to labeling them? Moreover, why are consumers still, for the most part, afraid of them?



2 thoughts on “GMO or Non-GMO

  1. This is a great topic. I haven’t done much research on GMO’s myself, but I think part of the issue is people just do not trust 1) large companies, 2) change, and 3) science. I don’t know why people insist, “If it was good enough for me, why change it!” That thinking is stupid. We wouldn’t have cures for diseases if we accepted the status quo and didn’t stretch our scientific boundaries. This reminds me of the polio vaccine scare when parents were insisting it caused autism thanks to that nonsense, some people have stopped vaccinating and polio is actually making a return. This could be a negative consequence of social media – people spamming about how their kid got autism from a vaccine. Get your facts in order, people. The study that suggested the link has been debunked by scientists all over the world and I’m pretty sure that guy is hiding out in Canada now (and probably vaccinating his kids. Idiot.)

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