Lowering the Drinking Age


A public issue I never agreed with and understood was why the drinking age was raised to 21. When you are 18 years old you graduate from high school and are now considered an adult. Most 18 year olds go off to college on their own and experience what it is like to live alone and all the responsibilities it takes to live without your parents right by your side. So why is it you can live on your own with no one telling you what you can and cannot do, being able to gamble, vote, serve on juries, get married, smoke, and join the military but for some reason you are not able to drink? 

People think 18 year olds should not drink because they are not responsible enough and would not be able to handle their liquor. Well to me that is not right because these 18 year olds are living out on their own, have a job, and even go to college. These 18 year olds juggle three major new responsibilities and try and have a social life and to me I always found it a lot of work but I was able to be responsible about it all even when it came to drinking. 

People need to stop thinking 18 year olds are not mature enough to drink because if they are not mature enough then they are not mature enough to live out on their own, vote for someone who will be running our country, go to war and fight for our country and save lives.

Another reason people do not want 18 year olds to be able to drink of age is because they think they will binge drink… and personally from what I have seen throughout my years of high school and college EVERYONE binge drinks. Even the doctor tells me if I consume more than five drinks in one night I am considered a binge drinker. Everyone has different tolerances and I think why not lower the drinking age then kids will be exposed to the alcohol in safe environments and will be able to know how much their body can consume. Maybe if they lowered the drinking age they can actually have more classes, programs, and safety rides out their so these kids are more informed about what they may or may not be getting themselves into.

Another thing that bothers me is you are out with your family and you are the only one who is not able to drink because you are not of age. It should be your parents decision and your decision by that age if you should be able to drink or not. Not only that but these teenagers actually have it so easy for them to receive liquor from someone. They can get it through there parents or even a friend that is older. 

A study found that the main reason teenagers drink under age is because it is an illegal thing to do and to them it gives them adrenaline, excitement, badass, fun, etc.“But the main reason for doing so is “breaking the law.” 87% of high school seniors have used alcohol. We all know why teens drink, I mean it is common sense. Just the feel that they get of breaking the law is huge. Being rebel and not following the rules is an important role of a teen’s life.”

So why not just try and lower the drinking age for a year or two and see how it goes, measure the results  and hopefully positive, but if not then they can go ahead and change it right back to being 21.

2 thoughts on “Lowering the Drinking Age

  1. I had my first drink when I was a freshman in college. I was 18. I decided pretty much right away that drinking was not something I enjoyed and with alcoholism in my family that helped my decision. I do think a majority of 18-21 year olds drink and I don’t think lowering the age is going to increase that number. There are people who will choose to drink no matter what and there are some like me who choose not to.

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