All the things Hostess and Servers can not STAND!

All the things Hostess and Servers can not STAND!

I started working in the restaurant industry when I was 17 years old. I first started out as a hostess. Over the years of hosting I realized all the things customers do that I can not STAND about the job and here is what I have come up with over the years;

  • When a guest walks into the restaurant, the first thing you do is greet them, the customer instantly will ignore you and keep walking like you were not even there! HOW RUDE!
  • When you ask a customer do you need a table today? The customer responds with no, I am sitting at the bar. You let them go to the bar and does this customer do? They sit at a TABLE in the bar. HELLO did you not just here me ask if you needed a table? Apparently not.
  • When the customer says I don’t want this table its too loud over here is there a better table where it is quiet? (thinking in my head) UM NO! it is a restaurant obviously it is going to be loud especially in a pub. Don’t come to the restaurant if you want it to be quiet.
  • When the customer walks through the door and is already on their phone and you have to sit and wait for them to be done while others are waiting to be seated. The person on the phone should move to the side or come in after they are done talking on the phone.
  • When the customer doesn’t like the table you sat them at. Customer: uh can we have a different table over here? Me: (thinking in my head) no there is a reason I am seating you there I follow a chart that has a rotation, now you just messed it up. But I actually have to do what the customer wants so I let them sit where they want.
  • Having a huge party come in and ask for a table for 12 people. I go set it up and what does the customer do… they follow me and try to help me set up the table. Please don’t this is my job and I am trying to make it perfect and ready before you sit down.
  • Calling your hostess by anything other than her name: I constantly will get older men who will constantly hit on me and call me unacceptable names. Not only that but they will walk up to me and demand for the booth in the corner for four people and then ask me to join them. Uh hello I am working and I would never join you in the first place even if I could CREEP!

Those are just some of the things most hostess would agree with me on that we can not stand about customers. Not only do I hostess but I also have been a server since I was 18 years old and there are many things customers do to piss off servers even more than hostess. This video was shared to me by all of the servers I serve with and everything this video says is so true and funny!

4 thoughts on “All the things Hostess and Servers can not STAND!

  1. Can I add another thing I absolutely hate as a server? I HATE when I am taking someone’s order and they are talking on their cell phone. TELL THAT PERSON YOU WILL CALL THEM BACK. You are ordering and wasting my time trying to give me your order and having a deep conversation with whoever it is that cant wait a minute. UGH. So annoying.

    Anyways… Great post! I can relate with pretty much every point you stated! Right there with ya!

  2. The cell phone thing goes for any customer service job…seriously the most rude thing anyone can do!
    However, with the whole seating a large party…I have tried helping a hostess and server set up a table because I feel bad that it is such a large party and feel as though I should help since I have worked before as well. Maybe difference of opinion? But I can defiantly see it as annoying too!

  3. HA! All of this is so true-love it! I just recently quit the food industry after serving for 6 years and besides the great tips I received, I am SO.OVER.IT. I’m here to serve you and make your dining experience a great one-yes, but I am not your slave or babysitter to your children and no you can not raise your hand and snap your fingers at me…I see you.

  4. Yup. I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t worked in food service since the 1990s. During that time I only worked in the back of the house. I see it hasn’t changed much. I’m actually one of those people that will help if I’m asked to help, but now I will just wait until I’m told the space is ready.

    Also, the phone thing. Yeah, as a former cashier, few things were more annoying than people with their phones trying to complete their order. Made me want to just ring everything twice to see if they’d notice!

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