The New Cable Man


“I can be your best friend….or your worst nightmare”

We’ve all heard the horrors stories from customers about their cable providers. The big bills, the lack of customer service and worse yet the outages and the technicians who are sent to fix them. Yet millions of people still subscribe and continue to profit these monopoly operations. Maybe you can’t imagine life without your weekly fix of Scandal, or you just don’t know how you’d recover from the “last time you’re ever drinking” without a Law and Order marathon.

The Facts of Life

Technology is ever evolving. I grew up on VHS, cassettes and cable TV. Read this list again, who still watches VHS tapes or pops a cassette into their car stereo? So why are we still hooked on cable? Internet supported video relay is built into numerous devices already laying around a persons home; Smart TV’s and many blu-ray players include these capabilities right out of the box.

When I decided to cut the cord I did a lot of research on devices and streaming services. I thought surely some type of voodoo magic had to be involved and that it would require millions of dollars in tech purchases. Turns out that most dedicated streaming devices are about $50. I decided on a Roku Streaming stick as it is compact and includes free channels, you’ll likely prefer a wireless router as well at about $30 to $50 in cost. Local channels can also be easily obtained with bunny ears in most locations. Total supply cost was about a month of service from the cable company.

“Time to take a ride on the information superhighway”

Whether your fix is cooking shows, Son’s of Anarchy or you have kids who love cartoons and Animal Planet. Many of your favorite programs can be obtained from one of the big streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Average monthly cost is around $10 a piece. It is like a fully packed DVR just waiting for you to dive into season after season of Pretty Little Liars and the Big Bang Theory. Perfect for all the time you wont be spending on hold with the cable company anymore.

Share your horror stories and cable TV company mishaps below:


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