Choosing your babies gender for the low low price of $50,000

I’m the mother of three wonderful and healthy boys. I always thought of trying to have another child, but if I did, I would really want that little girl to dress up, go shopping with, share secrets, and watch my husband spoil her rotten because she would for sure be his little princess. Well, thanks to technology and a little bit of money, I too can be just like Jonathon and Jayne Cornwill who spend $50,000 and traveled almost completely around the world to give birth to their beautiful daughter.1415365200227

You dream of new leather boots, tools, cars, homes and winning the lottery. Now you can dream up a BABY! Dr. Daniel A. Potter is a renound gender psychic and infertility specialist who performs the procedure out of his freakishly expensive double-wide office in Newport Beach, CA. (you know, the place all those freakishly overpaid people live and work?) After publishing tons of articles, and implanting unimaginable amounts of sperm into just as unimaginable amounts of eggs, he finally caught on to the trend of Gender Selection. Turns out people want control over the gender of their children just as much as they want control over their finances. It was a dream for mother Jayne Cornwill who slipped into a deep gender disappointment over the birth of her three beautiful and healthy boys to the point that she couldn’t step foot out of her house for fear of seeing pink and wondering why her? Why couldn’t she be blessed with a beautiful child to dress in pink?

Now that Dr. Potter’s revolutionary breakthrough in the scientific world of infertility is here, people of all ages and class rankings are flocking to him. So, If you are interested in choosing the gender of your child and want more information, check out the Infertility treatment of PGD through Dr. Potter or the other hundreds of doctors starting to practice PGD – Gender Selection methods in the US today. Please keep in mind that it is illegal in most other countries.

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One thought on “Choosing your babies gender for the low low price of $50,000

  1. I totally see this turning into an even bigger business. Gender manipulation is a start but imagine if you can alter pigment, intelligence and basically the perfect human. Scary to think about, but you know humans are always looking to improve.Good thing or bad, its just a matter of time before that happens.

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