The beauty of fall

Leaves are changing colors and temperatures are fluctuating greatly. Some days we have an abundant amount of sun and other days please hide me away because is so cold and damp. When is cold and damp I feel all the bones in my body ache, my mood changes, not in a wood way but I seem to have a shorter temper than usual. I do not like this feeling. I went to the doctor and she right away put me on vitamin D. “Well why you give me this? Aren’t I in good health? I asked. She said well yes but you also live in MN and most of us are vitamin D deficient and there has been some studies done of a direct correlation of vitamin D deficiency and Depression. But I am not depressed I replied She went on to explain that everyone should be taking a vitamin D supplement because most of our skin is covered from sun exposure and are not exposed to the sun as often due to the climate change . It’s cold outside Brrrr!!! Ok I will take it besides she is the professional. Right? As soon as I got home from the clinic, I chose to do a little of digging? This is what I found? According to Vitamin D deficiency can be detrimental to the human body and not only to the psychological state. Today we do not hear of rickets very often but this is an illness caused by extreme vitamin D deficiency levels. This causes short stature and deformities in the lower legs. Vitamin D helps prevent Osteoporosis, lowers blood pressure if you have high blood pressure, decreases inflammation, dental cavities and depression and many other illnesses. I guess from now on I will just have to bite the bullet and take my vitamins. I don’t want to be an “eyesore” or develop an illness.


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