What can you do if you are in these position

From the Interpreters Point of View We know there is an imminent threat of Ebola infection lurking in the air. Now is it really necessary for clinics to ask you the same questions they ask the patients every day. Have you been out of the country in the past 21 days? Me: well let me see you just saw me yesterday, last week, the week before that…. Do you have any flu like symptoms? Me: Well no Do you get a flu shot? Me: Well let me see my batch has a blue sticker oh yes I did. I think they are redundant questions for us the interpreter specially the interpreter that is at the hospital day in and out that you see me every single day. Please our time is valuable and is expensive to have an interpreter come in. Let’s use our time wisely. And not waste it. Here are some websites www.gillettechildrens.org According to WCCO MN has taken extra precautions and asks everyone coming from the West Africa the same questions and asked at the hospitals to all patients. I am not saying is bad taking precautions I am just saying Interpreters you see every single day should not be subjected to the same treatment you have already distinguished us by wearing a blue sticker on our badge.



One thought on “What can you do if you are in these position

  1. Man that sucks! It’s extremely unfortunate that our society is so face value that these types of things still happen daily. Even to someone who works regularly within a company performing a task. I’m by no means an expert in virology or anything of that nature but it would seem that there might be a better, more scientific approach detecting the spread of ebola than initially profiling someone.

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