Facebook for life

Facebook For Life

If you think that was funny, go look at some of your friends posts or even better your own from 1-2 years ago. You’ll probably find some sad or hilarious ones. You know who else can find them, your boss, cops, your new significant other…etc They are funny now but become scary later, increasing security on your profile is a must these days. According to Statisticbrain.com Facebook has over 1.3 billion active monthly users and that number keeps growing. People post personal information or ideas everyday on Facebook and similar social media sites. Your audience can be your friends and everyone else if your profile is public. For example employers who are hiring tend to look over candidates social media before making their final decision. In fact according to Jobvite (a recruiting platform) results from a social recruiting survey they compiled and found that 93% of hiring managers look over social media profiles when deciding on candidates. Even the police has admitted that they track suspects over the internet to check their activity or infraction on their parole. In some cases they go a step further by creating fake profiles to gain more access. Its not all about big brother, it can be much closer to home like your current partner finding your exes pictures still on your wall (this is why I like staying single). Its really up to you to learn more about the systems and how you can protect yourself and avoid problems entirely.

The scary news shouldn’t keep you from using Facebook, and I am 100% sure it wont. Your going to log on today at some point and post something fun you did or complain about the weather. But as a user myself I want you to be safer about it, so I would like to spread the gospel and guide to a safer way to participate in the social media universe specifically Facebook.

I want you to find out how your profile looks like. Search yourself on the internet find your profile and see what comes up, “look at how the world sees you”.  Is this how you want to portray yourself? if not here some tips.

  1. Learn more about your privacy settings here.
  2. Be mindful of what you post, the internet isn’t Vegas, everything you post can and might be used against you. Example being the old picture you had with an ex still in your profile album…maybe it should get deleted or put in the black book of photos (password encrypted if possible).
  3. When adding new friends on your list, check them out first. Are they who they say they are? Have you actually met this person or is this a friend of a friend, twice removed with dead bunnies as their cover photo?
  4. DON’T  post yourself with incriminating evidence example: that cool “bong” you just bought, in hindsight maybe you shouldn’t post about how your “gonna smoke the hell out of it when I get home” or called a sick day at work but decided to “check in” on Facebook that your  going to the movie theater or club because loud sounds help your migraine.
  5. Make your profile the Fort Knox of Facebook if you have to and here is a detailed list on how by Kim Komando.
  6.  Worst case scenario, you end up adding that cool boss or the creepy co-worker who will make you feel guilty if you don’t. If you have to, maybe consider making an additional account profile that is public and work friendly. Or change the restrictions on those added people as shown on the link on tip 5.

Social media isn’t going out of style anytime soon and there are so many fun things you can do with it. As a user of the social media age, I encourage you to share your thoughts, make friends, connections, via Facebook or any medium. But just be safe about it.


About ojedal

I am currently a student at metropolitan university. Majoring in technical communication with a minor in psychology. As I continue in my studies I hope to expand my knowledge and network to be better prepared for my post-graduate ventures.

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