2014 October 21 Breaking News USA government vendors up to 34 million work permits green cards

“The number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has slowed significantly the past few years, falling below the number of those entering the country legally, according to the report by the Pew Hispanic Center, a Washington think tank.The report estimates there were 11.9 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. as of March. That would be a decline of 500,000 from the center’s estimate a year ago. However, the change was not statistically significant because of the large margins of error. The Pew study does not address why the decrease occurred, but other researchers cite the nation’s struggling economy and stepped up enforcement of immigration laws.”

I understand a lot of illegal immigrants are crossing our borders to try and get a better life here in America, but I think we need to control our border line better. America is already in so much debt and I don’t think it is necessary to allow illegal immigrants into our country because it is costing us (Americans) more money keeping them here. It’s pretty obvious that the federal government failed to protect us from foreign invasion, especially at our southern border. It is now up to the bordering states to unify and combine their efforts to dissuade continued illegal entry, turn them back to their homeland, and secure the southern border. Central American countries have problems that Central American countries should fix. The United States cannot fix everyone’s problems. We simply don’t have the money or man power to do that.

Tidal Wave of Illegals Overrun Brownsville, Texas

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  1. Illegal immigration is nothing new. Right now its central america before that it was the Irish. Americans have a bad habit of hating on any immigrant that is new. But Americans cant survive without illegal immigration. its too embedded in its society and economic structure. Ever wonder why your fruit is so cheap? illegal immigrants are working at discount prices. And the big farms don’t want the cheap labor to go away, even if it is children.
    What jobs are they taking? probably the ones that American citizens don’t want, McDonald or construction gigs. I see 6 Latinos working on a house, I know they are illegal but guess what color the foreman is…..white! Not too mention the money we make on the taxes from illegal immigrant workers.(by the way illegals don’t get to use social security)
    I hate it when people tell me its Central Americas problem not ours, when they actually mean its Mexico’s problem. Let me ask you a question,
    who buys the drugs?
    We do, we are the largest buyer for all things illegal specifically drugs. We smoke the most weed and snort the most coke. You can put a wall, electric fence even a trench. But you can’t stop commerce, I guess we should be proud that they are sharing our capitalistic views but they won’t stop shipping them over here until Americans stop buying. So in a way we created the problem, and we complaining about the consequences.

    site references
    Little history lesson

    MIgrant workers

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