The New Drug

There’s a new drug that is twisting the thoughts and ideas of the relationship between partners and what it should be and, how they should act to each other. It’s replacing close relationships people have with friends and family. Like other addictions it desensitizes individuals, which makes them seek out a stronger dose.

Similar to other addictions like cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs it floods your brain with dopamine, which motivates you to do things that are good for you, Obviously this feels good and we want more of it as often as we can.

Users often get so used to the high levels of dopamine that other things they liked doing don’t seem as rewarding as before. Addicts often feel out of place and bored if they go an extended period with out it.

There isn’t a D.A.R.E program instituted in elementary school to help kids identify it or the consequences of using it. Most don’t realize that it is harmful. It is often accepted as a norm among adults and adolescents. It’s finding its way to younger people earlier and earlier. There are several cases of young boys abusing young girls because of what they saw.

Porn, it’s the new drug.


One thought on “The New Drug

  1. You’re actually on to something here! There are groups, similar to A.A, whose purpose is to help people curb their own sexual appetites and behaviors. Pop culture might make fun of porn addiction but it’s actually something that people struggle with greatly.

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