A Look at “The Free Encyclopedia.”

Wikipedia has always been that one website that my dad used to relate me to if there was a question he had. Throughout my own middle and high school careers I had become an avid fan of Wikipedia articles. From random horror movies to a list of cancers and symptoms, there was nothing I couldn’t find a large amount of information on. I, like my other family members, became hooked on Wikipedia, and would spend more than an hour looking up random information. The front page of the website is organized to include a featured article for the day, a current events section, a history section for the day, and more. They also have their encyclopedia organized for dozens of languages, tools, as well as an introductory page about themselves.

However the faults of the sites have always been the points that teachers in both high school and college have been making in every class where searching for information is vital: Do not trust Wikipedia. It is an open to anyone site, in which everyone is free to edit or make additions to all of the material for the site. As such, one cannot openly trust the validity of the pages. Anyone with their own biases can create or edit a page, as well as those who are uninformed. Finally, the one remaining mark against Wikipedia is the numerous spelling and grammatical errors on the site. It is an enjoyable website that I enjoy reading from, but there are those nights working on projects for college where I sincerely wish that I could just look it up on Wikipedia, I just can’t. The site is exceptionally good and entertaining, with no commercials and advertisements, as they work purely off of donations. While it is good to hold some trust in the articles that they have, it is better to look up more professionally written resources, such as in your libraries. However, there are still those times where I enjoy looking up random stuff on Wikipedia. You can enjoy this site as well at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page



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