LEGO and FIRST Robotics

LEGO has always been the constructive toy that children love, while the parents deal with stepping on missing pieces, and the veterinary bill for those pets who thought the pieces were brightly colored treats: but LEGO has interesting parts as well. LEGO’s are now being used constructively in children’s education in conjunction with FIRST Robotics. Welcome to the FIRST LEGO League! Where children from grades four through eight construct, design different robots using specially created LEGO pieces and then program the robots they create using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology. This program allows them to apply real-world math and science concepts, and help them learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills. Look up these two websites to learn more:

LEGO website:




One thought on “LEGO and FIRST Robotics

  1. This reminds me of the quote, “play is a child’s work”. I love the idea of incorporating hands on activities in learning. Like we did with the non profits this semester. There is just something so much more rewarding and concrete about having that real life thing you can see has been accomplished.

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