Apology is Not a Bribe

In the realm of all things is this world I disagree with and enjoy criticizing is Rush Limbaugh. He presents himself and his opinions with such arrogance.

With the recent hack at Sony, casual emails with racist comments involving the president were leaked out. Co-chairman, Amy Pascal, made jokes about president Obama liking movies starring African-Americans. Realizing she was outed and looks pretty bad, Pascal has reached out to apologize to African-American activists.

Rush’s spin on this move? It’s all about bribing the activist leaders. He doesn’t just imply, but actually spells out that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be bought off by Sony to make this go away. I am not stupid, I know that money makes the world go round, but I have a hard time believing that these two could be bought off to ignore this ridiculous behaviors.

These gentleman have fought too long and too hard for justice in this country ignore this very public misstep. Rush is simply using this event to find away to discredit Sharpton and Jackson, to further his own his own narrow-minded agenda.



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