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When glass and paints are combined, they create amazing works of art. I learned glass painting on my own as it’s becoming popular, especially with those who want to decorate their homes with an artistic touch.

I’ve always liked butterflies, flowers and peacocks; when I started doing some glass painting in some free time the vibrant colors and patterns inspired me. I got it framed and gifted it to my uncle and aunt. With the right combination of colors depicting the elegance of butterflies and peacock, it makes a great wall hanging ornament.

Glass painting has been prominent use of art, that was seen in the 10th century in Europe, where in many churches portrayed this form of art on the glass windows of the church. The windows had the paintings of Christ, and other characters from the Bible, with the help of which they could easily narrate the stories pictographically. Later, it was seen in British, German, and French churches.

With the passage of time, these glass paintings were modified, altered, and the influence of every culture was seen in this art. This art form is now very prominent in China, India, and many other parts of Asia. Young artists, try to give it a different feel by adding their innovations to it. Many artists from India, experiment with this art, and their artworks have been, and are being recognized in the world of arts. The portraits look livelier with the use of gems, embellishments, sparkle colors, gold and silver powder, etc., used for highlighting jewelry, fabric, etc., and a 3D liner gives it the most perfect look ever.

Initially the huge windows of church, monasteries, etc., served as a base for glass paintings. However, times have changed now, and this is more like a hobby to many. It is no longer restricted to huge glass windows, but small pieces of glass with beautiful paintings on it are put up as wall hangings in many houses. The reflection of the contemporary lifestyles, culture, and art is seen in these paintings. Earlier, painting of Christ, and characters from the Bible were portrayed on huge glass windows, but today’s glass paintings give complete freedom to the artist to portray anything of his/her choice on the glass.

Initially, the artists painted on the reverse side of the glass, and while doing so they had to make sure that every aspect is painted correctly, such that when the glass is turned around, the actual image could be seen. This was because, the huge window glasses served as a base for this art. Thus, the painting should be such, that when the window opens; it portrays exactly what the artist wanted to. However, now since this art is not just limited to such portraits and glass windows, the artists paint on the front side of the glass and the rear side of the glass is opaque. Such paintings are then framed. Thus, the contemporary glass painting is comparatively simple as compared to the reverse painting style that emerged initially.

Glass painting has been a very old form of art, and its reflections can be seen in many ancient structures. Although, the art is very ancient, it is still quite popular and many people still learn the art of glass painting. With the times to come, we might get to see many variations, distinct designs, different ideas, etc., reflected through this art, but the core beauty of glass painting remains the same.

If anyone is interested in learning more about glass painting, I found few blogs where they have described simple steps and techniques of glass painting.

Steps and techniques of glass painting

Glass Painting Education Center


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