Back in September, a video of President Obama saluting a marine with a coffee cup in his hand went viral. Somehow this non-issue became the talking point of the week, and Fox News covered it with the journalistic integrity we’ve come to expect from them.

I think it’s very telling that a solid 20 seconds of this video is devoted to showing tweets from Whoever Happens to Have a Twitter Account and Agrees with Fox News. They then proceed to chide the president for drinking from a Styrofoam cup on his way to a UN talk about the environment. That seems like a desperate jab, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume there aren’t any disposable cups in the Fox News office.

You’ll notice there isn’t any actual journalism going on here. The footage of Obama was taken from the White House’s Instagram account and the tweets were courtesy of Who Even Cares. Despite their apparent concern for military personnel being given the respect they’re due, they didn’t bother getting the opinion of anybody actually in the military for this segment. Maybe they couldn’t fit that interview in after all the zingers. I wanted to know how the marine feels about his harsh mistreatment at the hands of Obama, but now I’ll never know. Thanks, Fox News.

As the man who holds supreme operational command of the military, I’m certain the president of the United States has a great deal of respect for our troops. After all, he actually interacts with them on a regular basis and is informed on the conditions they’re working under. I can’t help but wonder when these reporters last thanked someone for their military service, but I won’t make any unfair assumptions about their character.

I will, however, post this story Fox News ran the very next day. It’s about a female fighter pilot from the United Arab Emirate who is actively combating the Islamic State.

Spoiler alert: It ends with the male anchors talking about her breasts.

Stay classy, Fox News.


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