Who does my representative really work for?


I am so tired of Political Party propaganda. Whether your Red or Blue or Green etc. It seems like every politicians platforms changes as soon as they get into office. During their campaign they whisper sweet nothings into our ears and shame the opposition. They even create fun names for us to call each other from libtards to tea-baggers. But come election day, only one team wins and it really doesn’t matter who. Because the winner will do whatever the people who own them asks them to do, not what we want them to do. Why you ask? well because we aren’t the ones who funded their campaign. A prime example of campaign spending presented itself in the elections of 2008. Political parties, and independent groups spent a total of $5.3 billion on federal elections, with 2.4 billion alone spent on the presidential race. That money didn’t come from individuals but from parties relying on politicians to uphold their interests. Some of these lovely donors include Actblue, Goldman and Sachs, Citigroup, Walmart, and Koch brothers. But that is not all the spending, thanks to Super PACs politicians have a group of people and funds to promote and advocate on behalf of their party. Basically a way for download (2)corporations to fund unlimited amounts of money to help their political party. In 2010 the supreme court put down any caps on how much a individuals or persons could donate to a PAC (Political Action Committee). That means that corporations could donate as much as they want. This is possible because Corporations  are considered people according to the Corporation Personhood thanks to an american legal concept concocted in 1819. This crazy amount of money isn’t given without strings. I think its pretty obvious with the plethora of tax breaks and the fact that these companies have yet to fall under while their politician is office. Its not like these parties can bite the hands that feed them. Is there anything that can be really be done? I think there is. There is a growing group of people calling themselves Wolf PAC. Born on the internet a few years back they sole purpose is to take away that power. They plan is to revoke the rights corporation for corporations to considered people. Start with that and you can start chipping away at this corrupted system. They have two ways to tackle the issue, going through federal government or state legislators via an amendment convention of the states. They create awareness and incite action from the public to put pressure on their legislature. I remember when I first checked them out, they were mostly working of emails and had a simple webpage. Now their page has grown substantially, with educative material via informational literature and connecting with individuals around the United States. I see this as an option that more people will take serious in the coming years. I can’t do Wolf PAC justice, so feel free to check them out on their website. This will be a long process but no matter what party you affiliate yourself with, this cause is certainly something that we the public should be aware of.


About ojedal

I am currently a student at metropolitan university. Majoring in technical communication with a minor in psychology. As I continue in my studies I hope to expand my knowledge and network to be better prepared for my post-graduate ventures.

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