Marshawn Lynch

The Super bowl is major publicized event every year, usually landing on February 1st (my boyfriend’s birthday). There are always two teams, that have dominated the nation’s defense and offense of the nation that battle it out. This year, the battle is between the Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots. I am not a big football fan, but I was somewhat forced into watching the play-off games with my boyfriend at his mother’s house. I did not try and fit the stereotype of having “the woman cook in the kitchen”, but my boyfriend and I had planned on cooking before the games. After we had cooked some food, it was time for the play-off games. I actually gave an effort to watch the “football games” and attempt to figure out the scoring. It was an amazing game,  between the Seattle Seahawks and Greenbay Packers. Obviously, being from Minnesota, I was not in favor of Greenbay, but I, not having any idea of what is going, was still somewhat in-different. My boyfriend was very excited that Seattle Seahawks came back around to win the game, especially because Marshawn Lynch brought him to win his fantasy football championship. Again, this all means nothing to me. So, throughout the last couple weeks, since this game had occured, I have been shown a couple videos of Marshawn Lynch, and here is one of them…….

After I saw this video, I had dislike for Marshawn Lynch. In my opinion, if you are a celebrity, a sports figure, or a public figure of any sorts, that is highly recognized or looked at; you have to go through certain interviews and media constructed questioning that are part of your contract. It appears as though Marshawn Lynch does not care about his team, or efforts as a pro-football player. I later realized, I was mistaken. Marshawn Lynch plays the “dumb football” player in these interviews, because he does not have any interest in things that are asked of him. Marshawn Lynch is involved in many non-profits, that he is very proud of.

So after this last video, something started to catch on to me. He is not answering question asked from a media’s standpoint from certain interviewers. He is only answering questions, asked of him, about his non-profit organizations. These questions, are obviously, not coming up a whole lot. Now, these interviews with Marshawn Lynch are starting to make a little more sense to me…

Here, in this “Skittles Interview” (Marshawn Lynch is a skittles fanatic), it seems as though it is a joke interview. Lynch had actually been docked $100,000 for his non-cooperation with the media, from the first two videos that I featured in this blog. This third video, featured by Skittles, was a come-back video, comically featuring Marshawn Lynch answering questions that were “easy”.

Initially, I was not a fan of Marshawn Lynch, but now, I can see Lynch standing up for his public servant duties, and not backing down to the media, who’s only goal is to sell merchandise and ask questions which result in consumerism.

Q:”who’s the best player on your team?”

A:”All of them.”

So going from the first video to the last I have taken a 180 on what I think about Marshawn Lynch and will be a Seattle Seahawks fan for one more Sunday. Also, according to my boyfriend, I still don’t know much about football.


2 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch

  1. Reblogged this on MDST 485 Class Blog and commented:

    I thought these videos are hilarious. I am an avid sports center viewer. I have seen a couple of these clips before and can’t help but laugh at his antics. I just love how he has his own “persona” when dealing with the media.

    Can’t wit to see what he will do next year!

  2. Its nice to see that people are willing to stand up to the media and for what they believe in. That’s how change is made!

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