Career Change: Personal Blog 2

The public represented by my classmates and my instructor is impossible to define. Perhaps if Metro State was a regular four-year university, the definition would be easier to find. The majority of Metro students all differ in age, life experiences, income, etc… Even though grouping all of these people and myself into one category and characterizing it is impossible, I am completely satisfied with this lack of a concrete definition. With this undefined wider demographic, class discussions are more insightful and interesting. People from various backgrounds all have different ideas how the world works and how they think it should work. However, it seems myself and my academic peers at Metro all have one thing in common; we are here to better our lives. We are all striving to obtain a degree and find new careers.

The co-founder of LinkedIn has brilliant advice for anyone who wants to switch careers

It is extremely frightening to abandon a job one is used to and find something completely new. Sometimes it is even overwhelming before making this career change. For example, I am over halfway finished with school. What if when I graduate I am still unable to find a new job? Luckily for myself and my fellow students, changing jobs and forging new paths in life is not impossible. It is actually more feasible than we may think. Hopefully, the link above will put some people at ease. Allen Blue’s advice isn’t exactly “brilliant”, but it is helpful and a temporary relief from underlining discouragement.

Articles like “The Irritating Truth About About Why It’s So Tough To Switch Careers” does not necessarily lack any validity, but it certainly isn’t anything people of our public need to hear. It doesn’t hurt to have some encouragement and positive energy, yet, the most beneficial article would give us specific tasks we need to complete in order to help with changing careers. Allen Blue mentions personality traits that can better our chances for success, but doesn’t delve into specifics. This is because there is no specific list of things to do that will make changing careers easier or even possible. Everybody is different, hence, every agenda for success is different. The public that is made up of my fellow classmates and myself is impossible to accurately define, but our future goals are all similar. It is up to us to find out exactly what we need to do.

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2 thoughts on “Career Change: Personal Blog 2

  1. I think a big factor in changing careers is fear of change. Most people are comfortable with what they’re doing so to change seems like too much of a risk. It’s almost like when people are in a crappy relationship but they stay together because they are comfortable and fear what would happen if they were to make a change. To them the benefits don’t outweigh the risk.

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