Kurt Busch Defied Blog 3

Bad Boy

Kurt Busch has recently been suspended for the third time. He has been accused of a domestic abuse. He has had other problems, such as drinking while driving, and bumping drivers on the pit row. He has developed a level of disrespect for his peers and it is believed that it would be best for Nascar to leave him of the stars of the the race way.

Two Reasons for Busch Treatment:

Previously there has been two major cases of domestic violence in sports. The first is Ray Rice for beating his fiancé and second Adrian Pederson and beat his son with a switch. The media coverage from these two events has put pressure on sporting institutions to lay down the law on professional athletes. Busch hasn’t even received any charges. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/kurt-busch-case-a-product-of-the-new-world-order-in-sports-010702964.html;_ylt=A0LEVjvhNupUShEAYnYPxQt

Problem with Society

Through all the troubles of fights, drinking, recklessness, no one has looked into the idea that Kurt may have a chemical imbalance. The results are all there and any doctor would subscribe him with a pill, but he rides away as just being a goof and seen as a entertainment to add to the monotony of cars driving in circles. Domestic abuse is not okay no matter what, but perhaps it could have been prevented.


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