Blogging: is a waste of time


Go online and type “blogging is …” in Google. Couple of the first search suggestions will be – blogging is dead, blogging is a waste of time. And my personal favorite- blogging is hard; I felt relief to know that I am not alone in my struggle.



How blogging can be dead if so many people build these “waste of time things” and even making money off of them? According to business blogger Brandon Gaille,”there are approximately over 152 million blogs on the internet”.  Or rather over 153 million blogs…. after this one gets published. “In fact, a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half second. Let us analyze this statement. There are 3600 seconds in one hour and 24 hours in one day.” I guess blogging is another thing we add to our long to-do lists.



Spending some time thinking and researching further I have found out that blogging is dead and dumb, indeed…For that reason you better spend your time reading a good book or a dumb book. Clean your house, make a diner or play with your puppy.( I believe there are more dog lovers vs cat lovers).


If you think that content of your blog is the most important component. There are millions of blogs out there, with perfect content and ideas. How can a reader find you in the deep woods of all blog pages? In order for blog visitor to read your blog they need to find you. Promote your work and promote what you already have. There are many people who can benefit from what you write.


If you believe creating a lot of contents is crucial. With all the technologies that are available to us, we can easily search and find answers to our questions in a matter of seconds. Please, do not create long sentences and huge paragraphs. And stay away from big words. We- site visitors are impatient and we do not want to look words up by definition. Clear and short content with plain language is most appreciated.

I wish I could add more to this topic, but you do not have much time to read it anyway. And blogging is hard, if you don’t start with a good subject line.



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