Blog Post #2: SNL ISIS Skit…An Acceptable Satire or Offensive Act of Comedy

Love how much our society can’t get enough of interesting topics like “the white-gold/ or blue-black dress”, “the llama chase”, or “the Net Neutrality,” and of course “the Marshawn Lynch Interviews.”  Here is a youtube video about the llama chase in Arizona.  It is no Steve McQueen “The Great Escape” film, but just shows how viral this video went because of two llamas making an escape became such a talked about topic even for big business news stations.

Many people are talking about the SNL ISIS skit that happened last week (2/28) with Dakota Johnson as the host.  Many viewers have probably seen the Super Bowl Toyota commercial about the young woman dressed in army fatigues leaving her father and going off to war.  When SNL started a similar story one probably thought SNL is going to make fun of this commercial with a Leslie Jones rant, a Vanessa Bayer Hollywood impersonation, or a Bobby Moynihan character would interrupt the dramatic scene.  No, nope, nah, nay!  Much different ending than you thought.

One way to look at the skit is to view it as a horrible, outrageous, sick, and not so funny segment.  Many people have made arguing posts, articles, and videos containing their displeasure about the message and way the skit was performed.  In fact an article in the Gothimist shows that many people voiced their strong negative opinions about this skit.

On another side many people portrayed the skit just the type of satire that SNL is known for.  An author from The National Review site adds that the ISIS skit was funny and that many people have no sense of humor.  It’s one of those situations where you love it or hate it.


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