Wait! Let’s Take That Long Shortcut Instead

First of all, I want to thank Bev for helping me with this topic idea and with that extinguishing the procrastination that likes to haunt me. My first post was a couple of months in the making, so here goes…

It all started when I was running late to meet my group. Running late is a trait my mother passed on to me. But that’s another story. As I was saying, I was running late leaving work (which is downtown) and bracing the traffic that collects on Hennepin Ave, right where Uptown begins. I was sick of waiting for people to get out of my way, so I turned right, on the corner by the Chipotle and Uptown Cafe, and proceeded to head to the direction of Lake of the Isles. I have cut across Uptown using the Grand Rounds many times, not only to save a little stop light time, but to enjoy the views of the beautiful lakes Minneapolis has. When I got to our meeting place, the stress from work had melted away. Could it have been the fact that I had the views of a frozen Lake of the Isles and the gorgeous mansions that border it? Definitely.

So, Do You Even Know What the Grand Rounds Are???


I went to school in St. Louis Park, just a couple of miles west of Minneapolis. When I was a Senior, we used to go to Lake Calhoun after school and walk around sipping on our Frappucinos and talking about what Carrie Doe (last name not to be revealed) wore to school that day. It was a tradition: get out of school, beg parents for a car, stop at Starbucks, and enjoy the lake view. I still do this with my friends, just add a couple of dogs to the equation and subtract the Frappucinos and high school gossip.
As I got older, the Grand Rounds became the best way to get around Minneapolis when I wanted a nicer view than the back taillights of a Prius. Most of all, I welcomed it as a way to drive around to clear my mind and relieve the stress of the day. When you work 40 hours a week, in addition to going to school, the last thing you have time to do is stop and enjoy life’s little moments. Why not just add it as part of your commute?

North Minneapolis, Home Sweet Home


North Minneapolis is one of the sides where the Grand Rounds start. I live a block away from Victory Memorial Drive, a parkway that leads you to Theodore Wirth, through Minneapolis, and into Lake Nokomis. “Victory Memorial Drive, a landscaped boulevard commemorating fallen World War I soldiers from Hennepin County, is recognized as the largest war memorial in the Twin Cities.” It’s really cool to walk by and see the memorials for these soldiers. I know that a lot of people don’t know that this even exists and I was one of them before moving here.

The Grand Rounds are not just for avoiding bad traffic, it’s 50 miles of bike paths around some of the most beautiful areas in Minneapolis. Why not take the scenic way instead?



3 thoughts on “Wait! Let’s Take That Long Shortcut Instead

  1. Isn’t it amazing how little we often do not know about what is in our own backyard? I’ve heard “Grand Round,” but never tied it back to the scenic routes around the lakes. Taking the drive you’ve described around the Uptown lakes is one fun piece of “show-and-tell” I like to share with out-of-town friends who come to visit. Great links, Romina!

  2. Thank you for sharing and providing the links! I haven’t visited these places for some time. But one summer we went there almost every other day:listened Jazz, walking in gardens, dining..

  3. I wish we lived closer to Mpls. so we could enjoy the lakes and trails easier! Not nearly as much of that here in the east metro. However, we do manage to get over there once or twice a summer for a good long bike ride around the lakes, and it’s always a great time.

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