As The Crow Flies

I have been fortunate enough to serve in the United States Army for the past seven years now. I have been through hundreds of different training scenarios all around the country preparing me for war. In 2009 I was deployed to Iraq. I did missions just about every day for the year I was there. During my years of service and everything I have been through, I have been very lucky not to be injured, but not everyone is as lucky as I am. Many soldiers receive serious injuries during their careers that will require continued health coverage for the rest of their lives. The Veterans Affairs Department was established to provide this health coverage.

The Veterans Affairs department has a lot of history of neglecting their responsibilities of supports veterans. This article by CNN   highlights the controversies, scandals, and inadequate care that have been happening. Many veterans have been voicing their frustrations with the lack of and poor care that they have been receiving while visiting VA hospitals. More controversies have come to light the past year with at least 69 veterans that have died waiting for appointments and treatment.  President Obama orders an investigation into the VA department different facilities nationwide. The results have the investigation revealed bribery and deception. Many high ranking officials have either resigned or put on leave as well.

The VA department has been attempting to make changes to their system and policies. A recent change has made headlines and it also shows how far the VA still has to go. This change was in reference to traveling distance a veteran would have to go to receive health care that is covered by the different health plans. The old rule was if a veteran has been waiting for more than 30 days for an appointment and a clinic is 40 miles away as the crow flies then they could seek assistance else where. The new change will include driving distance and not how a bird may fly. This change has allowed 45,000 more appointments to be made, but this is just the start. The VA needs to continue to revise its policies and start doing their job, which is taking care of the welfare of the military veterans. They have given so much for this country and now it’s time for the country to give back to them.

John Stewart does a great job in the following video explaining the issues that veterans are facing which is highighted by the recent change distance traveled by crows.


One thought on “As The Crow Flies

  1. I remember seeing the story on the local news about how a veteran who worked for the V.A. was overlooked multiple times for his treatment and the V.A. blamed it on the mail being lost, or something stupid like that. It is a shame that these injustices happen but there are many people in high places who control money from large entities, and they can’t even balance their own personal checkbooks.
    Thank you for your service to the United States of America.

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