Jenny V Blog 1: Give A Man A Fish…

A topic that is discussedFish in chapter 4 of We First is poverty and how capitalism has allowed us to allow billions of people to live in poverty during a time when they do not need to live that way.

When Mainwaring spoke of Western Aid and how it had worsened the poverty in Africa I remembered hearing about it several years ago. I learned that people responsible for distributing Western Aid were taking the “Give a man a fish” approach instead of the “Teach a man to fish” approach. Instead of teaching the people of Africa how to pull themselves out of poverty they were training them to rely on their aid.

It would not be too farfetched to even say that the people of Africa were being cared for in a similar way that zoo animals are cared for. They rely on their caretakers for food and shelter so much so that they can never return to the wild and live without that assistance. If people of Africa rely on food and money given by Western Aid then they will always rely on Western Aid to supply them food and money.

I decided to look up some information about this issue and found a great video that highlights the other downfalls to Western Aid in Africa.

This video shows that even though people may have the right intentions, what they are doing may not be right in the long run. With social media’s strong drive for change I challenge you to use the information from this blog to make educated decisions about what causes to support by understanding the long term impact of the cause instead of the short term.


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