Jenny V Blog 2: How Change Has Changed

ChangeWhile reading We First I can across a term that peaked my interest, creative destruction. The book defines creative destruction as “the idea that some innovations advance the world while simultaneously destroying the archaic industries they replace.” I was reminded about an article I read a while back about light bulbs and how LED and CFL bulbs (the spiral bulbs) are replacing incandescent light bulbs because they are much more energy efficient so I perused the internet for some more information.

According to the article, 2014 marked the year when incandescent bulbs were banned from being produced, florescent technology was invented in the 1890’s, and the first CFL bulb was invented in 1980. Why did it take so long for change to be made? If the social media that exists today existed back then people would have been posting and sharing articles to Facebook or tweeting about how much money they saved on their energy bill last year, #rollinginthedough, and change would have happened much sooner.

This impact of social media is also an example of creative destruction because it drives change. We have seen its impact most recently with the ice bucket challenge as well as other campaigns for social change.

The timeframe of change resulting from these campaigns is so small, some even within a month’s time, compared to the 34 years it took for us to switch over to energy efficient light bulbs. Because of campaigns like these, people are realizing that they do not need 34 years to make change. Change can happen now and we now have the tools to take control and make that happen.


One thought on “Jenny V Blog 2: How Change Has Changed

  1. Hey 🙂 Have you heard of the Twizzler Challenge for Autism?

    This is another great campaign for social change. It is fun to get people involved in something light hearted, but yet has a serious outcome! It’s a trend right now that I think is going to work to get people to donate!


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