Shop and Change the World

Throughout the semester we have discussed how people uniting together and focusing their energy on one thing, we all can make great changes. This one thing doesn’t have to be anything that we don’t already doing, just buying the same things we would already do, but buying this items more strategically. I was really inspired by Carrotmob and the actions they took to take the fight against global warming. Just in case you missed the video, here it is again.

The group goal was to create a win-win situation for everyone that participated in the event. The event was a liquor store would take 22% of sales that event brought in and update the store to be more energy efficient. Carrotmob would organize an event to make sure the store would receive plenty of business. People were lining up at the door on the day of the event. These people were buying the same items they would also buy just at the same location. This lead to over 9,000 dollars in sales for the liquor store which is a huge win for them, the liquor store updated their lights bulbs which help the environment which helps every single person in this world. Why can’t we do more things like this to help each other without really changing anything that we do? I believe if we all start communicating with each other about the different companies that offer give back to the world, we can make a great change.

There are multiple different retailers that donate items when a person makes a purchase with them. We all buy shoes and need to wear shoes. I believe most people are not very picky when deciding on what type of brand of shoes to wear as long as they look decent. Why don’t we all start by purchasing with a company that donates a pair of shoes for every pair bought? This is what TOMS shoes are doing. Their website states they have donated over 35 million pairs of shoes. The following link is TOMS blog that describes the work they have done with the donations.

Many people like to wear wrist watches; I know I am a big fan of them. 1Face is an organization that offers a good looking watch but also is willing to donate money and supplies to different causes depending on what color of watch a person wants to buy. A purchase of one red watch will give AIDS treatment to 8 different people. Everyone yellow watch bought provides 73 days of schooling to a child. Next time you want to buy a new watch for yourself or as a present, think about purchasing from 1Face. You will be giving two gifts. The link here provides great statistics about what 1Face has done so far and what is left they want to accomplish.

If more people are willing to continue to buy the same things they are doing every day, but making these purchases more strategically, we can start changing the world. The more people that are shopping at company like TOMS and 1Face, other companies will start to offer the same type of donations to draw in customers to their business. Like the Carrotmob was talking about their video, this can create a win-win situation for everybody. Business will start receiving more customers which will help with donating more resources to the people in need and all we have to do is start buying the same items just different places. Changing the world can’t become any easier than shopping. I urge you that the next time you need to buy something, research companies that could offer the item but also gives back to the community. Here is some additional websites that a person can buy items from eye glasses, jewelry, bags, water bottles, books, and much more.


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