The Impact of Social Media

I bet that that every one of you has at least one social media account if not several. The ones that are most popular these days are Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Google + and others. For many of us social media became a part of our daily life. We are relying on them for affirmation, validation, and a sense of belonging that they can never fully provide, according to Seduced by Social Media: Is Facebook Making You Lonely?

According to the article on ABC News, modern cellphone users check their phones approximately 150 times a day.  Modern technologies allow us easy and quick access to the internet through our portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. I’ve seen people on the streets staring at their phones instead of exploring the world around or trying to make eye contact with other people around them. The convenience of

The initial purpose of social media was to connect people not only locally, but globally as well.  Now us we look at each other’s social profiles we think we know what’s going on in another person’s life by looking and commenting at their posts.  However, social media gave us a chance to create a whole new virtual identity and to show your best to the world.  Many of us tend to post only positive moments of our life on our social media profiles, others however are looking for a pity or a sympathy. Either way social media will never give correct representation of others and it will never fully substitute face-to-face interactions. So why would many people prefer online chat rather than meeting directly with person ? Social media making us lazy. How many know birthday date of your friends, family or classmates? Oh how many of you write birthday wishes on the card instead of a dull “happy birthday” or in worth scenario “HB” on a facebook wall? What it says about us is that many of us became lazy and inconsiderate of others. You may argue with me by saying that social media connects us, making us aware of each other lifes, however it’s not always the case. I believe that social media is helpful for those who are away from one another, but if your friend or relative lives close by you have no excuse for not seeing them or sending them a birthday card instead of posting on Facebook….


2 thoughts on “The Impact of Social Media

  1. Many of our friends enjoy social media (mostly FB) and we use it regularly to tell each other about things like upcoming concerts, to plan events and get-togethers, brag about cool things we or our kids are doing/have done, or quite often just to be silly.

    However, we also see each other in person regularly, and don’t just rely on social media to stay connected. We have our “friends” on FB, and we have friends who are on FB. It’s a big, important distinction.

    1. It’s great that you see each other in person, many of other people do to. I do understand the distinction between real friends and Facebook friends. I came across a lot of situations where people (real friends) ) would go their friends profile and check how they are doing instead of calling or meeting one another. I’ve experienced many situations where real friends meet but they barely talk to one another, they’d be on their devices instead.

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