Got Sleep?

I think we have heard the importance of getting enough sleep or we at least wish we had more time for more sleep, but do you actually know how important getting enough sleep is?

The National Sleep Foundation states the sleep is a crucial for a person’s health and general wellbeing. Surveys done by the NSF report that 40 million people suffer from over 70 different types of sleeping disorder and most of these sleep problems are going undiagnosed. Are you wondering if you are one of these 40 million people? The first signs are you may not be getting enough sleep include moodiness, difficult time staying alert, decrease reactions, and loss of motivation. There are numerous factors that can disrupt a person sleep. Stress is the number one contributor to poor sleep with other reasons being alcohol, caffeine late in the afternoon or evening time, irregular schedule, and working or other strenuous mental acvitiy in the evening.

Lack of sleep can cause numerous health issues that should not be taken lightly. Long-term sleepless nights have been shown to be linked to heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The risk of obesity increase when a person does not get enough sleep. Sleep is important for adolescents to support growth and development as well. A person that is operating a motor vehicle that is sleep deprived is the same as a person driving drunk. Studies revealed that drowsy driver contribute to over 100,000 car accidents each year and 1,500 deaths.

The recommended amount of sleep an adult should get each night is eight hours. Achieving this amount of sleep might be difficult, but I have some tips that should make it easier. The first thing a person should do is try to get on a set schedule, so they can plan ahead to make sure they have known when they should be sleeping. Avoid alcohol, smoking close to bedtime, and avoiding caffeine during the evening and try to limit the use during the day. Having a healthy diet with regular exercise can also help a person get a good night’s rest.

I know that we are busy with most of us working full time jobs, supporting our families, and attending school full time. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night can be a great challenge, but not getting enough sleep worth your health?



3 thoughts on “Got Sleep?

  1. It’s amazing how getting enough sleep impacts your life positively in so many ways. if you walk around sleep deprived, try for 8 hours a night for a week or two. You will be shocked at what you were missing and how much better you feel.

  2. I didn’t want to read this blog because I know all about the effects of not sleeping right but regardless I still don’t get enough sleep. It’s like smoking even though you know it’s hurting you. Why do we keep doing it?

  3. I know people will probably hate me for this…but I think I sleep too much, I am addicted. When I am stressed, I sleep walk, sleep eat, and sleep talk. I have very strange sleeping patterns, and I think I need to get on a right path for sleep. Working late, my sleep pattern fluctuates.

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