Blog Post #3: Web Browser Beware

There are many websites that you can find news clips, articles, and stories about current events and politics.  I found a site called  which shows news articles and videos involving topics like “Obama Just Shamed America In The Worst Way Possible…” or “Hilary Slammed With Felony Charges…There Is No Way Around THIS.”  I have read a few of these articles and I do have to say I probably would have thought why haven’t I heard this story on WCCO, NPR, or FoxNews.  The writing may seem real because there are elements of truth to the story.  But the writing at the end or in the middle has an odd quote or segment that just seems ridiculous.

This site: lists a few websites that are fake websites whose purpose is to provide satiric news, gossip, and ludicrous facts.  I bet many people probably see some of these articles on Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, MySpace, or Twitter and either get upset or agree with the story not realizing that they are fake stories.  I see the website as a comedic attempt to make fun of the conservatives and tea party.  This site reminds me of the satire news “The Onion” which is a similar site that not only is a digital media company, but a news satire organization.

I can see how lots of people can view as a legitimate news source that one would comment on it and send it to others via social media as a real story.  These people don’t realize that these sites are really trying to embarrass folks who have conservative viewpoints and support such political movements such as the Tea Party.


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