Karma’s a Bitch…please

Let’s be clear: I don’t have children, I want children eventually, but I don’t suffer currently from sleep deprivation and the constant fear or screwing up someone else’s life forever…I know, parenting can’t be that hard, but I imagine it’s along those lines.

Fellow blogger Sarah Jean Knox of Uffda: Momming is Hard talks about The Karma of Parenting with her experience of 2 under 2…Titus and Cecilia


Sarah discusses that she would look at another toddler (before she had Titus) screaming in the store and thinking that all that kid needed was a little discipline and he would be good to go. Now that she has two babies however, she sees that Karma has come to kick her butt.

She has 2 under 2, I don’t know if I could handle a that right now! And knowing my children…they will be loud. But after they have gone through the age of screaming and not being able to communicate what they need using words, there is a difference.

I was out last night to dinner, having a nice meal on a fun date when all of a sudden the host puts a table of three next to us: a mom with her two kids around the age of 10. Now, we were not at Chuck E. Cheese, we were at a nice(r) restaurant trying to have a conversation…or stare at our phones (which is the norm on a date I hear).

When I saw them walk in I didn’t think anything about it, until they got to their table and started the night with an argument about where they would sit, which led to what they would drink and if they should order off the kids menu or not. All of these conversations sound like normal things to talk about at a restaurant, but in their case, it was screaming.

Now Karma may come and kick me in the ass at some point for saying this, but I have to disagree with Sarah, these kids needed some serious discipline…they aren’t 2 anymore, they know how to communicate…or at least should know how to behave in a public place.

…Bring it, Karma.



2 thoughts on “Karma’s a Bitch…please

  1. I’m with you! There are plenty of children that do not act that way. Most people don’t have the patience to discipline correctly so they blame it on things other than parenting. I agree with her that parenting is hard work but you make it even harder if you aren’t consistent with your disciplining. If you have the patience and are willing to leave a cart full of groceries at the store because your kid is acting up, or walk out of a restaurant because they won’t behave it will pay off in the end. You choose whether or not you’re willing to invest the time into it.

  2. What if you had twins!? I agree with you, i have been in public situation where I couldn’t believe a parent would let their children act that way, I believe its easier to say these things now where we have no kids, so it could be a lot different

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