Blog 2: The Perfect Body

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?


It’s up for interpretation, my interpretation is different that yours. This picture used by Victoria’s Secret as a campaign for their new line of comfortable underwear. Unfortunately for Vicky’s, this picture was viewed as something other than a new ad for undies.

The article above brings to light many points against the use of this picture as advertisement. “According the the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), research has shown that the media has a strong influence on a woman’s body image.” As a woman, I can say this much is true. But what message are we broadcasting when we judge other bodies, and even when we judge out own? There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the way your body looks. It could possibly improve the way that we view ourselves and our mental and physical health. On the other hand, we are bombarded with images that have been retouched and edited. Yet we convince ourselves that this is how the ideal person looks. I know that not all of us share this opinion, but it makes you wonder how many artificial images we are welcoming.

There are two sides to every story. Body image is a hot debate, but there are other’s that have made it their mission to celebrate bodies of ever type (men and women). One blogger, Cece Olisa, shares her positive mentality on

“Yeah, no. I’m not going to conform to someone else’s subjective opinion on what I should and should not wear. I’ve learned to bare my arms and show off my legs, and I think this year I want to try crop tops and horizontal stripes. Each time I’ve let a part of my body show, I’ve felt empowered, liberated, and beautiful — so why stop now?” -Cece Olisa

This positive point of view of the diversity of women’s (and men’s) bodies has become a movement. Olisa joins a fleet of bloggers, actors, models, and every day people, who are working hard to get the “standards” of beautiful bodies to change.

And what exactly should it change into? Whatever you want.


2 thoughts on “Blog 2: The Perfect Body

  1. I recall that some of the criticism besides what you noted was that according to VS, the “perfect body” is overwhelmingly a white one. This just didn’t work well for them from quite a variety of angles!

  2. Victoria Secret will always have flak for the certain bodies they choose to promote their lingerie. I don’t agree with it, but that’s just how it is. We can’t all be DOVE. I do think that they deserve to be criticized, because the “perfect body” just isn’t realistic. It’s nice when we can over come these silly expectations and allow ourselves to be healthy and happy.

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