Examining My Twitter Feed

As an avid Twitter user, I have come across several, if not constant marketing from several of my followers/followings. Thanks to Twitter’s recent notifications option, I will not be reading several hundred Tweets at the start of every new day, and only certain individuals/groups that I would prefer to read first. Before the Twitterverse was given such flexibility, I had to swipe through and ignore countless marketing tweets that I considered spam.

One thing that I have noticed about using Twitter as a marketing tool is that the spam-like tweets are typically done by smaller organizations or businesses and are likely marketing without a group of individuals who specializes in that field. When comparing the Twitter profiles of big companies like Ford Motor Company and YouTube to individually run profiles of indie authors like my followers, J. Pinkney and T. Hobbs, one can see the different marketing tactics.

Since I follow both Hobbs and Pinkney, I can tell you that their plan is currently to bulk-follow a bunch of users (like me), and then spam them like hell. I mean, who tweets over half to a dozen tweets per hour?! Both are at 200,000 tweets so far, and they use nearly the same sentence format for all of their tweets (not to mention the same 4-5 images) so they are likely using social media management resources like Hootsuite. Also, all their posts are either to market themselves or others within their network(s), and rarely would they post a tweet that makes them appear as human, which impedes the idea that Twitter and other social media platforms should be used as a channel to connect with your audience(s).

Here is a tweet made by Hobbs, “The Novel that proves: You can’t cure stupid: Trauma Junkie #EMS”, and this by Pinkney, “#Kindle #Erotica >> http://h1t.it/17xewqF  “Red Hot Liar (Misadventures of Mink LaRue)”. Hobbs have been repeating this same post once or twice a week for I don’t know how long, and Pinkney have been using a lot of #Erotica to bring in a certain group of individuals several times a day and week. Both also posts books and images that are PG-13 and possibly for mature audiences only which I thought may be too inappropriate to link or post.

If we look at the tweets by Ford and YouTube (currently the 5th most followed Twitter profile), their posts on the other hand, attempts to create connections with their following. This was the tweet from Ford yesterday morning, “Miss #Gotham last night? That means you missed how the @indyfund is helping veterans #GoFurther”, and here was the tweet from YouTube, “People on the Internet need to stop drinking that haterade”. That post by Ford was not only a question to create conversations among their 700,000 followers, but it was also an attempt to make profit through a purpose (helping veterans) and thanks to hashtags, Ford was able to tag their post to Gotham, Fox’s hit television show. YouTube on the other hand attempts to bring humor on to the table, which is a popular media strategy, and they currently have 50 million followers, so their posts can trend with in hours!

Although I do hate to admit it that the more fortunate can afford to have better social media and marketing teams that comes up with more valuable strategies (duh, it’s their occupation), that does not mean that any one should give up attempting to find their presence in social media. As Amanda Palmer took to social media for connecting with her fans, and generating enough funds from her fans, you can find yourself in a similar situation (probably not in the same magnitude) if you just take the time to engage with your audience, which is the basis of all social media sites.

So…please, don’t spam your audience if you are thinking about marketing on social media or is already doing it, because annoying the hell out of everyone will not make your product(s) and service(s) pleasing. I find myself maddened every time I get on Twitter, because all I see are annoying and sometimes inappropriate marketing tweets, so I learned to ignore everything except for users that I know will not spam me. Little does those posts works, but I might just take supporting someone’s music, movie, or book into consideration if they take their time to direct message me and/or converse with me. I have bought eBooks and music and funded indie films before, because I downloaded and listened to their free demos, and watched clips of films in production provided by people even though they weren’t the best.


One thought on “Examining My Twitter Feed

  1. I follow a particular show (Outlander) onTwitter and the sheer number of their Tweets are a little over the top. They Tweet like crazy to build up to Saturday, then after each new Saturday evening episode there’s 20-30 Tweets about various aspects of that particular show. I really like this show (it’s done from a fantastic book series, just FYI), but the over-Tweeting is getting to be a bit much.

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