TIDAL: A New Music Forum by the Artists, but is it really for the Fans? Or is it more for the Artists’ Pockets?

With today’s new technologies, the way we hear music has changed drastically. One of the biggest steps was changing the way we record music from analog, to digital, so now anyone can record music with the click of a button. We now can stream music, and share music; also with a click of a button. There were music downloading websites, such as Napster, which enabled music fans to essentially steal music off the internet. It seemed as though many artists were angered by this, but I believe it was mainly the music corporations that owned the rights to the music. Music corporations were losing money on sales, mostly because people stopped buying tangible CD’s. Then we got itunes, a downloading forum that is completely legal and you pay about $0.99 per song. The sales of CD’s were still decreasing, similar to the drop of VHS rentals, but the artists and the music corporation were still making a pretty penny on sales via the internet. In the last couple years there have been competitors (like there are for anything) within the music distributing industry. Music streaming is done by most of us, and there are many free websites that allow music streaming. At my work, we usually use www.songza.com to stream music, similar to www.pandora.com, but without the advertisements. There are also special websites that cost money, which you pay monthly, and they allow you to stream music either on your computer, or through an app on your phone. Some of these music forums include: Google Play, Spotify, and a version of Pandora you can pay for with no advertisements. The price of these services range between $8-$10/monthly. WELL, if you are looking to pay DOUBLE that amount for the SAME service, I might just have the answer for you. TIDAL.

TIDAL is a music streaming service that is unlike any other, because it is not owned by big greedy music corporations, but by the starving artists themselves! And when I say “starving artists”, I am referring to Usher, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Deadmau5, Kanye West, Jay Z, J. Cole, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, Jason Aldean, Jack White, Daft Punk, Beyonce, Arcade Fire and Alicia Keys. And, all that hard work those artists do already, I am sure they are working minute by minute running TIDAL all on their own. If you would like to watch a video to give you a little more explanation, here is a promo video launching TIDAL to the public.

I know, right! That totally clears up why I would pay double a month for a service that is already provided at a cheaper cost. Well for those of us that cannot translate rambling unified statements. Here is a video that might amuse you.

“What does Madonna mean by taking art away from technology and moving art towards humans? Is that what she said?”

“Is she under the impression that music is being made not by humans?”

“So they’re against technology, and they want art to go to humans, via this technology, because it’s clearly just Spotify but ten dollars more?”

I must say, that was my favorite line in this video responding to TIDAL, by the team at Cracked.com.

Another video that I am going to share with you is quite long, and do not feel the need to sit through this long powerful speech by Alicia Keys (which I will admit, she got me excited about something, I just couldn’t figure out what I was excited for) explaining the expansion of TIDAL, which is a “Preservation of an industry, and deliver music and services that is better for the consumer”. Well, I must say a service that costs $20 is bad for this consumer, I would rather consume music at a much cheaper rate. Here is the Launch video from TIDAL, also including the signing of the contract for TIDAL by all of the artists.

In all honesty, I am truly in favor of a music streaming service that is run by the artists. Top 40 artists would not be the ones I would choose to run something like this. If these artists are really doing this for the fans and the consumers, then this service would not cost any money at all. The way these artists are so animated makes me feel like we just won a war and its cause for celebration. No, TIDAL, and am not going to be tricked into paying $20 a month for music I don’t even like, but thanks for your enthusiasm to make lots of money.


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