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I have to admit, it took me a while to find an article to read and disagree with. I actually get really uncomfortable reading something I don’t agree with because i simply get frustrated. And the frustration leads me to stop reading the article. But I came across something that I deeply believe is a problem we have to fix and clarify. I’m just not too sure about who the problem fixer will be.

BuzzFeed.com is a blog/website that I like to look at when work is a little dull. During my time wasting, I ran into this article about an opinion a Republican Representative has about illegal  immigrants and the plans Obama has for them.


“To put it simply, the President is importing millions of illegal aliens who when they arrive here he thinks, and he’s right, they are undocumented Democrats, and so the next phase of this is to document these Democrats so they can vote” – Rep. Steven King

Now, let’s pause here a second. Did he just say that Obama is importing people so they become illegal Democrats with the intention to legalize them and gain more votes? Yeah, he sure did. Why would it make sense for the President of the United States to be involved with the human trafficking of people to gain a Democratic momentum in the polls? Don’t we have fresh and new eight-teen year old American voters to sway either right or left? And how long exactly are we planning on  thinking that the right and left are the only two directional ways we know to go? I think Mr. King is forgetting why most immigrants come here in the first place. It’s not to become Democrats Mr. King, it’s to be able to provide their families and themselves a better life, opportunities that were impossible in their native country, and a chance of a brighter future for generations to come.

“And they will see Barack Obama and his party are the beneficiaries, that they are the beneficiaries of his lawlessness. They don’t understand the law, they come from lawless countries. So they’re not at all likely to defend our Constitution or the rule of law. They take an oath to it when they are, when they are naturalized, and I speak at those services as often as I can.”

Mr King, perhaps you shouldn’t assume that these immigrant exports are unable to understand the law. In fact, they understand they are illegal and the tough road they have ahead to be legalized. It took my family twenty years to stand in a school auditorium to say that oath. After thousands of dollars spend, tears cried, and sleepless nights, in the end it took us twenty years of our lives. Most of my life, I have been in legal limbo – not quite American yet not Peruvian.

But one problem you are failing to bring up is how long it takes and how difficult it is to be legalized in this country. Why can’t you share this with your constituents? Can you say that your constituents know why there are so many illegals living in the United States? I know people who have been living here for over thirty years who are still illegal. And yes, they pay taxes and no they are not on government aid. Why not take the opportunity and share with your Republican buddies (and your Democrat bffs) that BOTH parties are missing a HUGE opportunity to change the support they receive from Latinos.

Guess what Mr. King, Obama is not importing immigrants because they have already been here for decades and exposed to the American government. Obama has not been president for decades. So stop blaming the current immigration issue on who is in office now and get yourself, and all your pals that are in office, to work to figure out how this issue can be fixed.


One thought on “Let’s Keep ‘Em – Blog 3

  1. I am constantly amazed at the lies, distortions, and completely made up garbage that right-wingers say about President Obama, his wife and family, while hiding behind their twin shields of patriotism and free speech. It’s amazing to me that they can get away with stating these things as facts. And I’m sure the left-wingers will get in on the action as well, once the 2016 campaign is underway. A very sad state of affairs all around.

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