The Human Trafficking Issue

Human trafficking is a global issue that most citizens of America turn a blind eye too. The issues are modern day slavery. Some have heard of exploiting women sexually, coercing children to do labor, but there are other cases that should be explained.


Men and boys are forced to work in agriculture and deep-sea fishing, where they are forced to swim deep into the ocean. The legal systems are forcing these victims back into society, but they are unable to access the tools necessary to recover from the abuse.



There are cases of women arriving in the U.S.A and being enslaved in their own homes. Read:  Imprisoned: The Travails of a trafficked victim by Bukola Oriola.

Imprisoned Book

This book shows the travails of a woman learning about her new home. It took her years to find a way out of her own prison with her child and a man who abused and manipulated her.


Story in America:


There is a misconception that human trafficking victims are foreigners. That isn’t so. Watch:

This girl was from a broken home, and was fooled into a trafficking ring twice. She was able to escape, but that isn’t every ones story.

What to do:


After learning about human trafficking, one should feel compelled to reach out and see what you can do about the problem. Here are some things to do.

Numerous women and men are vulnerable to the crime of today’s modern day slavery. Please stay informed and look out for your loved ones and your self.


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