Going After the Birthright Citizenship

The House recently held a hearing today concerning another immigration topic. Headed by House Republicans, today’s hearing argued about the existing 14th Amendment:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.”

Steve King (R-Iowa) and David Vitter (R-LA) both introduced bills this year to end the granting of citizen to the newborns of immigrants, and the bills have yet to be placed for voting.

The thought of politicians wanting to do such thing is rather shocking and astounding, and is unlikely that such a bill would pass. And as usual, Democrats swooped in to defend the right of these future children of illegal immigrants. Although I am sad to see a “unified” nation so divided, I am also glad to say that there are enough people whose actions and beliefs are influenced by what is ethically right.

House Republicans Go After Birthright Citizenship

In their defense, one of their recruitments was the University of Texas’s law professor Lino Graglia. For over a decade, Graglia have been known and seen as an outspoken man who supports that belief that minorities are inferior to Caucasians. In 1997, he said that Hispanics and African Americans were “not academically competitive with whites” and “I don’t know that it’s good for whites to be with the lower classes”. In 2012, he resumed his foolishness by saying that black and Hispanics children are less “academically competent” and credited that to being raised by single mothers as well! I am befuddled that these politicians would expose themselves to being with a person whose track record with racial bias is so crushingly pathetic. As I expected, Democratic politicians were more than happy to pick out his slurs, and in his defense, he claimed to have never made a comment that claims the inferiority of minorities.

Can you imagine sending away a mother and her newly born child into an environment that is unsafe for neither of them? Well, I can’t, because it goes against my understanding of what human rights is (the right to live). If anyone was to decide whether this is the place for the mother and her child, it should be them. Many of the opposition to keeping the citizenships of newborns claims that mothers and other illegal immigrants have committed a criminal act, and according to the nation’s immigrant policy, they would be sent back, but does that mean that their children that were born here have committed those acts too?

“The question of whether our forefathers meant for birthright citizenship in all circumstances to be the law of the land is far from settled.”- Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)

Sad thing about the quote by Goodlatte is that the early settlers that sailed into this country would be considered immigrants and they received citizenship to this country, and because of them that this country and many of us are able to call this country their home. What these immigrant policies, and efforts to deport immigrant-born children are doing is taking away the opportunity that the nation’s forefathers had.

As much as I would dislike quoting any Bush, Jab Bush just so happens to be one of the few Republican politicians who would defend illegal immigrants. It is most likely a strategy to gain the support of the growing Hispanic population as the presidential election comes closer, but this have been how the Democratic party previously have done.

Jeb Bush: Give 11 Million Immigrants A Chance To Stay

Bush declared yesterday at the National Christian Hispanic Leadership Conference that the millions of illegal immigrants in the country should have the opportunity to stay and earn legal status, and be required to pay taxes as they work (no governmental benefits). Unlike many older generation politicians, Bush said that “we’re a nation of immigrants…this is not the time to abandon something that makes us special and unique”. I hate to admit it that I do agree with what he has to say despite the many years that I grew up disliking his older brother. His intentions may be acceptable as in 2004, he supported an unsuccessful bill to allow immigrants an issued driver’s license when he was the Governor of Florida (similar battle in MN at the moment).

If the government is willing to send young children to their possible deaths just because they were children of illegal immigrants, just imagine if this started to provide privileges to those in power even more (just like it did when people were looking into the history of one’s racial background). If the government was able to separate who are children of illegal immigrants to those you are not (well…that’s impossible as many or all of us are children of immigrants), then in some sad and alternative reality, this country’s government may soon seek out first generation citizens (ME!) and beyond. If that was to take place, then this country would be driven of its unique and diverse qualities, and lead it down a path of racial and social injustice.


2 thoughts on “Going After the Birthright Citizenship

  1. Let me step onto my soap box and say that Republicans are running out of ideas about who to captivate to get votes. We have a Bush (this is SHOCKING to me) that wants to legalize illegal immigrants. And then we have Rep. King that has claimed that Obama wants to legalize immigrants in order to (magically) turn them into Democrats to gain votes. So who are they going to get votes from? An increasing population of Latino immigrants who can decide for themselves who they would vote for. Or Bob the plumber who no longer can identify with the Republican mindset. Great post!

  2. Yes, the Hispanic community is increasing, and soon, their population could be the deciding point in any future election. I completely understand where Bush is coming from (and the Democratic), but what I don’t is to why these hardcore, anti-immigrants knuckleheads are still challenging this crowd despite the growing, 18+, sons and daughters of immigrants, and US citizen voters…not smart in their part.

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