Apple Products used in Elementary Schools.

Academic programs all over the world are using Apple products to create unique learning experiences. When I first heard of iPad and iPod touch products being used in elementary schools and middles schools i was baffled. Each individual student received their own apple product that had specific apps used for learning different subjects. Then once students got to high school they even received their own Apple Laptop. Apple products are known around the world for their quality products and cult like following. They can range from $100-$3000 for their products. When I was in school we used books and sat in the library to find books about certain subjects. Is that era officially over? Is this just a ploy to create Apple consumers at a young age? Stories from teachers, students and parents talking about all of the beneficial Apple products have made in school can be found here.

Overall, from all of the information provided about the programs and success that came from having Apple products in schools seemed to out way the negative factors of using technology at such a young age. Allowing to manipulate programs to teach every students learning style allows every student to get the same information the way they learn.


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